Thursday, October 30, 2008

Anagram - Online gaming first time on Gtalk Messengers

We are pleased to announce first ever game in the history of Gtalk messengers. Anagram, many of you might be familiar with it or even played many a times back in school and colleges.

Its a simple text based game, where you are given a jumbled word and you need to re-arrange it. E.g. You will be given huldos and you need to quickly identify that as should.

So getting bored back in college or office, add and type anagram to start gaming. Play and score well. Your score will turn up on the Gtalkbots front page.

We have kept this game open for the world i.e. one can play this game even without registering at Gtalkbots. However we will only save scores for registered users in our database.

A few important points:
  1. Add as your friend in Gtalk Messenger.
  2. Type rules to read them before you start gaming.

  3. Type anagram to start gaming.
  4. You will be given a jumbled word which you needs to rearrange and reply back.
  5. If your answer is correct you get 10 Points.
  6. If your answer is not correct and you are finding it tough to solve it, Type hint to get a clue, and a clue will be sent to all users playing the game.

  7. DO NOT FORGET to type exit when you are finished gaming. If you forget to do so, you will be considered as a part of next round being played and eventually your average score decreases.
  8. If total number of wrong answers = 5 (including all users), the bot will automatically reply back with correct answer and moves to the next word.
So try out and enjoy.
Do let us know about your suggestions and comments.

Gtalkbots Team


Suri said...

I wanted a help from you for building a gtalk tool to pool in the chat of my group of friends.can u guide me in developing. Thanking you,

Rakhilya said...

Hey, people!

Am I the first one waiting for reply from

Already 24 hours? Is that ok?

Abhinav.Singh said...

Should be fine now. The bots were offline since yesterday evening, they are up and running now.

- Abhi

Luigi said...

i seem to be can i get a profile?

Abhinav.Singh said...


You need to register at to get your profile.


Luigi said...

brilliant thank u!

Akshay S Dinesh said...

The EXIT rule really sucks.
I didn't know I had to and got 3376 lines of chats from bots in an hour. god knows how many points i've lost

saz said...

Anyone please help........

I registered at but from the time i added in my friends list, it is offline.

ter said...

've been palying this anagram game for a week or two but 'm upset that this bot doesnt always be online .. also it comes online at random hour, no specific time.

can u tell when the bot will be onlin? y cant it be 24 hrs a day?

ter said...

ur anagram suck bigtime man ...

2 days ago my score 7200+ and now i am just 3000+ ... all this is bcoz of ur stupid rule that i have to type out exit to be out of the game

I am very much convinced that you didnt code this game.
otherwise you would have changed
this small annoying feature.

you proved to be a leecher and looser


Kiara said...

One way of enhancing my vocabulary. Terrific! I shall be trying this later. I need to finish my Download Games first before I can register. :)

Abhinav.Singh said...

First of all sorry for delayed response :D

You can add me on gtalk and we can discuss more. Jaxl is the library which i developed for gtalkbots. It's open source and you can try using that.

Yes that happens when bot goes down. (See below Why? it goes down). However whenever bot comes back online it is kind enough to add back all requests which came online.

Well gtalkbots was started as a learning process on XMPP protocols. 3-4 months after release, I myself find very little time for bug fixes. Anyways GOOD thing is that you don't loose any point if you don't reply back. You only receive points and never loose any :D

I already answered your query above in my reply to @Rakhilya

I won't mind that comment. Really this should have been fixed. But I am one lazy ass, really (I accept).

Bots which go down i.e. is still build on another open source library which I used before writing my own. The previous library had issues with memory leakage and hence bot goes down every 4-5 hours. And my laziness never allowed me to come back and fix this.

Good News:
Over the new year I am planning to fix these pending bugs. Also expect a few more games and finally a overall scores table for anagram.

Thanks everyone for your feedback. Since only the upset users end up commenting here, it might seem buggy to a third person. So just for some statistics:

Total anagram words answered: 1,214,445 (1 million)

Total status messages achieved: 6,991,525 (7 million)

Enjoy and have fun :D

Suri said...

Hi, I read in the mail that Jaxl is the library which you developed for gtalkbots.If so I can help you out in making your efforts identified by google unit.Mail me on

stalin said...

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