Thursday, October 23, 2008

[New] Set a timer for you and your friends

How often it does happen that you and your net freak friend plan out a movie and he never makes it in time. You just wishes if there was something which could remind him on his screen about the movie which you have planned together. makes it all easy for you now. You can now set timer for yourself as well as for your friends whom you follow at

Steps to set a timer:
  1. Click on Set Timer on top left corner
  2. A modal pop-up window will appear on the screen.
  3. Choose a time for the timer
  4. Enter the username of your friend, for whom you are setting the timer (leave as self for yourself)
  5. Enter a message, which you want to appear along with timer on your or your friend screen.
  6. Click Set Timer and thats it.
Below is an example modal pop-up window which you will see:

Who all can set a timer for me?
By default all your friend who are tracking you on can set a timer for you.

What if I don't want a timer from anyone?
We respect your privacy and we have made provisions for you to choose between who can and who cannot set a timer for you. Simply visit Manage Timer section under My Stuff

There you will see 3 panels:
  1. Upcoming timers for you, which tells what all timer you can expect for yourself. If you want, you can cancel an upcoming timer.
  2. Timers set by you, shows timers set by you for your friends. You may cancel a timer, previously set by you.
  3. Grant and Revoke Permissions: By default all users who are tracking you can set a timer for you. You may choose to revoke these permission from one or from all at once.
Finally, here is a screen shot from the bot sending an alert at your specified timer time.

Try out and let us know your feedbacks on this new addon.
Keep sharing your status messages,

Gtalkbots Team

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Bourbon said... i can set timers for my forgetful boyfriend anytime !